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A little Doctor Who tribute

Earls Court, London, 2014

So I am secretly a massive geek - I’ve loved Doctor Who since I was scared by ‘The Awakening’ (featuring a scary alien face in a wall!) in 1983 - one of my earliest memories as I was only 3! The show fired my imagination from an early age. So I made this the other day in a little nod to tomorrow’s episode, Flatline…. (You’ll have to watch to see why - I couldn’t resist!)

The police box featured is one of the few still around on the streets, you can see it right outside of Earls Court tube station.


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slightly meta

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Meg Myers - Desire [Music Video]



Don’t you hate when you accidentally say exactly what you’re thinking and it gets you in trouble at work?

Found a nice spot in the shade :-)

Found a nice spot in the shade :-)